Natasha Kassim

Melbourne, Australia - 25 years old

Over the years I tried a thousand things to learn Spanish, I went to high school and took my Spanish subjects, then I took private classes, also online classes, I tried with apps, but although I knew grammar and vocabulary I was always afraid to speak.

With the Spanishative and the Carteli's Methodology use by the teachers there, I was really able to develop those communication skills and finally put into practice everything I have learned. Speaking with native speakers was a great experience that helped me a lot to gain confidence in myself and in the language, and all of the conversation and revision sessions with my teachers definitely helped improve my rusty Spanish that had deteriorated over the years.

Beautiful experience, and I can finally say that I speak and understand Spanish. I can't wait to go and visit Medellín!

Shia Ricci

Pordenone, Italy - 31 years old

I was born and raised in Italy all my life, and I've always been passionate about Latin languages, including Spanish. As my mother tongue is Italian, I thought that Spanish would be easy for me to learn.

Before Spanishative, I took face-to-face classes to force myself to understand and speak Spanish. I had been skeptical of online classes and virtual learning, but after a year attending a classroom, I gave up and started considering other options including online learning. I realized that

Eventually, I discovered Spanishative through a friend and it was the best thing that happened to me. Within a couple of months, I felt like I had learnt more than what I had learnt in all of the face-to-face lessons I've took.

I am proud of myself and of all my teachers in Spanishative, who I am happy to call my friends. We are still in touch even today, and I will definitely visit them in Medellín one day!

John Van Der Pol

Amsterdam, Holland - 28 years old

At first I thought it was another regular platform to learn more grammar and theory about Spanish, but soon I realised that Spanishative was a lot more than just that.

Little by little, I realized that I was really mastering Spanish. Before Spanishative, I had close to zero knowledge in Spanish, but within just a couple of months I found myself able to hold a full conversation with native speakers, which was an amazing experience for me.

Something I enjoyed about the program was the way we are forced to go out of our comfort zone to speak with people who do not speak any English at all, and I felt (in a good way) that I was forced to use what I learned in all of the sessions with my teachers.

Amazing experience, revolutionary methods. Spanishative is easily the best to learn Spanish.

Adele Brown

Washington, USA

I've always enjoyed traveling to Latin America but I've never managed to communicate well with the local people there as my Spanish was very basic.

After my retirement, I decided to dedicate myself completely to Spanish so I can go on vacation to Colombia since I have many friends there. Through my brother, I discovered Spanishative, and after going though the Gabo program, I can confidently say that the methodology works.

The lessons felt like the perfect balance of fun and technical. Though I had a lot of content to absorb, the pacing of the lessons felt natural and the sessions felt challenging but not impossible.

The experience of speaking with natives had been extremely helpful and fun. And through these sessions, I was finally able to lose the fear of speaking the Spanish.

Kelly Smith

Nevada, USA

A couple of years ago I graduated as a doctor and began to practice medicine in Nevada. I soon realized that I should learn learn Spanish, as I was dealing with many Spanish-speaking patients throughout my practice, and it was often complicated to arrange for a translator all the time.

One day, I decided to start learning Spanish, and a friend recommended Spanishative to me. Even after just a couple of lessons, I felt that my understanding of the language had improved drastically, and within 2 weeks I was able to have short conversations with my patients. By the end of the program, I felt confident in speaking with my Spanish-speaking patients without any translator, and even make small talk with them to better understand their problems.

I really enjoyed the Spanishative program. One great feature of the program was the ability to customize the curriculum to my needs, such as focusing more on medical related vocabulary that would be more helpful for my day to day tasks.

Benjamin Tang

Singapore - 25 years old

When I got my acceptance letter to my MBA program in Spain, I made it a goal to learn Spanish before I got there. Prior to Spanishative, I tried various apps such as Duolingo and Memrise, but I felt that these apps did not improve my confidence in the language much.

After doing some research online, I came across Spanishative, and decided to give it a try. I was half expecting the sessions to be dry and full of memorisation and drills, but my experience had been almost the complete opposite.

Within 2 month of the Gabo program, I was able to put into practice all that I have learnt and was even able to hold hour long conversations completely in Spanish. I would definitely recommend Spanishative to anyone who is looking to pick up the language.

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