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Our process

What makes us different

The Spanishative Method is based on Carteli's Methodology, a tried and tested method for teaching Spanish to English speakers. Over the past few years, our teachers have been constantly refining the method as we help students from all over the world become conversational in Spanish.

Instead of focusing on endless repetitons of conjugations and vocubulary, our goal is instead to get our students speaking as soon as possible, even from as early as the first lesson.

We also believe that the process of learning Spanish should be made as fun and enjoyable as possible, as students naturally remember things that are interesting to them. We encourages students to speak about their favourite topics via the following ways and more:

  • Building a personal relationship between the student and teacher
  • Flexible curriculum that adapts to student's goals and interests
  • Introduction of cultural elements though audiovisual material

A proven track record

Many students from all over the world learn and improve their Spanish with Spanishative. Find out what our students have to say about us, or learn more about our methodology.

What I loved the most was the opportunity to speak with people who speak nothing but Spanish because I was forced to use what I had learnt. Amazing experience, revolutionary methods. Spanishative is easily the best way to learn Spanish.

John Van Der Pol
- Amsterdam, Holland

Our signature programs

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Our signature programs are named after important historical figures involved in the development of the Spanish language



  • Based on the tried and tested Carteli's Methodology

  • 100 hours worth of sessions

  • 10 hours of conversation with non-English speakers

Most popular


  • Everything mentioned in the Gabo program

  • Get access to 20 hours worth of specialized paths, such as medicine, law, engineering, etc.

  • We will send a "chamo" to your house to live with you for 2 weeks for daily conversations

  • Alternatively, the chamo will live close to you and visit you daily for 2 weeks


Andrés Bello

  • Everything mentioned in the Cervantes program

  • A 3 days 2 nights cultural immersion trip to Medellín

  • Guided visits to culturally important sites within and close to Medellín

Sessions only

Improve your Spanish with 40 hours of targeted Spanish-only conversation sessions with native speakers for $249

I was really able to develop those communication skills and finally put into practice everything I have learned. Beautiful experience, and I can finally say that I speak and understand Spanish. I can't wait to go and visit Medellín!

Natasha Kassim
Melbourne, Australia

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